Are You Ready For It?

Dear God I'm hoping Taylor Swift doesn’t try to sue me for that title. I got nothing girl, you can come check my pockets yourself!

But the reason for the title is that I think we spend a lot of time wishing for things — wishing for more professional success, wishing for more money, wishing for more power and influence, wishing for more time to be productive. But are we ready for those things when they come? Are we prepared for the responsibility of carrying them? Influence, power, money, accolades and affirmation are weighty. When people start to see you, I mean really see you, and when they not only observe the gifts you have but also start paying for them, it’s a vulnerable moment. Not only is the real you visible, but the good things they're saying about you are true. You are intelligent, you are a great writer, you are musically talented, you are a good cook. Are we ready for good things? 

It’s terrifying to step into shoes you’ve felt called to fill. They may be yours, but they’re also new; you might need to break them in (emphasis on the word break.) You might need to build new neural pathway that reminds yourself that you're capable, you might need to lose integral, closely-held beliefs about yourself. We’re asking for all these great things but are our legs strong enough to hold us when we get them? Can our shoulders carry the weight? 

Good news is, if you’re not ready now, that’s okay! It, like most things, is a practice; every day you try, and every day you can hold a little more. When people say positive things about you, believe them. That's the weight lifting, that's building the muscle. 

It’s uncomfortable, I know. I can attest firsthand to how hard it is to receive a compliment is without either deflecting by immediately returning it, or swatting it away by undermining it. Consider an exchange like the following: 

“I love your sweater!” 
“Omg thanks it’s so old I can't believe I'm even wearing it I basically dug it out of the trash 10 years ago and never washed it, I think a homeless person owned it once it I'm sure it makes me look fat the color is awful.” 

*eye roll* Like, don’t do that, it's unnecessary. Stand your ground, receive the good, and let it bless you. So when more comes, you can hold it.


Photo by Colin Rex on Unsplash