Work That Heals

I’ve been mulling over the idea that our work, whatever it is that each of us specifically has felt called to, will be the thing that heals us. 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about being "High Maintenance", and shared a story that, when it happened, made me feel low, small, shamed. But as I brought it back up to write about it, I noticed a shift. In sharing it, I was also able to reclaim it. I could explore the parts that hurt and bring salve to them. I could reprocess the memory and store it in a way that no longer caused injury — and that was largely possible because I was able to write it out and work it through here, through the process of writing.

I’ve not just noticed it in myself, but in the people around me as well. My friend Kara has invested in gardening and developed a lovely flower business (#SomethingWildFloral #shamelessfriendplug) and she is constantly learning life truths from the little and less little plants she cares for. My friend Nathalie understands food and complementing flavors, and as she works to bring people together around a table, she also learns about herself and how things come together in larger forms. This is what work is supposed to be, and this is what, in my mind, defines success. Is your work healing? Does it bless you and other people? Well then that’s it, that’s all there is to do. 

Find work that heals you and let it be a positive feedback cycle so that as you put beauty into the world, you also receive it.