It felt like the word "extravaganza" needed to be thrown in there, right? The title was already so long, why not keep the party going?

Anyway, HI EVERYONE GUESS WHAT IT’S HALLOWEEN WEEKEND MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! *balloons* *confetti* *air horns* And even though I’m not ready to show you guys my costume justtttt yetttttt, I did want to do something Halloween themed this week so I decided to put together a couple outfits inspired by costumes I’ve done in the past! FUN FUN FUN okay check them out:

photo (4).jpeg

Nearly ten years ago (oh my god) my girls and I decided to drive to Santa Barbara on a whim for the infamous Isla Vista Halloween…. Shitshow. I mean that’s really what it was. And I was — can you guess it? — a Barrrrbie, a costume I 100% see reprising in the future.



This guy was obviously inspired by the incomparable Dionne Davenport (helloooo? From Clueless, duh!) Of course Dee would never be caught dead in flannel (Grunge? #AsIf) but remember these outfits are inspired by these characters, also I couldn’t find my plaid skirt so here we are.

I can't wait to show off my costume to you guys next week!! Keep a lookout on the 'gram also, cause odds are it's gonna end up there before then oops! Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, amirite? Okay well everyone have a safe and fun Halloween weekenddddd! *more balloons* *more confetti*