Monday Inspiration: Shoot Your Shot

Do you guys ever think about how crazy it is that we can talk to celebrities online? Like Twitter and Instagram have made the accessibility factor INSANE in that regard. In trying to build my blog, one of the things I keep feeling challenged to do is to reach out to other bloggers/people I find inspirational. So far I've reached out to some pretty big names and sure, they haven't written back #lol but I mean just the mere fact that I can contact them directly is crazy! And exhilarating. And also one time Sophia Bush liked my comment on her birthday post so maybe it's not all a wash :). In any case, I'm saying shoot your shot y'all. Maybe it's not reaching out to a celebrity on twitter, maybe it's just asking that new woman in your church group on a friend date. Or hollering at a potential employer on LinkedIn. Whatever you gotta do, shoot your shot y'all. You never know when you'll hit that 3 *swoosh*