Fashion *Inhale* Friday *Exhale*

This past week I think I lost my footing a little bit. Dozens and dozens of un-or-negatively-answered job applications, as well as the belittling tapes we all have on standby when we're not doing so hot had me feeling inept, incompetent, obtuse, etc. I feel like I lost my grounding.

So this Fashion Friday I decided to flashback to when I felt the most grounded in recent memory: my trip to San Francisco, particularly to the Cypress Tree Tunnel. I'm looking forward in this weekend and following week to continue to find and do the things that ground me, like journaling, hanging out with my core people, regular exercise, eating well-ish. It's not the tree tunnel but it's practical steps towards coming back to myself.

If you guys have ways in which you like to re-ground after something hard knocks you off course, please share in the comments! Namaste y'all.