Me Too.

I have mixed feelings about the Me Too campaign. The idea is to have women who have been victims of sexual harassment change their statuses to "me too" so that perhaps then everyone (men) will have an understanding about the magnitude of the problem. And while I applaud these women for stepping forward, we shouldn't need victims to expose their wounds before we believe them or understand that there is a systemic problem.

My issue with Me Too is that it's meant to give everyone a glimpse of the magnitude of the sexual harassment problem, but I'm like if you don't know the magnitude by now, in 2017, you don't want to know. You've remained willfully ignorant to the marches, the all-too-frequent sex scandals involving powerful men and the women they've victimized — hell, listen to literally any woman describe a Saturday night out. That feeling of objectification, that someone is undressing you with their eyes, being inappropriately touched, sex acts being committed without you're consent... it is EVERYWHERE.

I'm going to say me too, but I want to add on OF COURSE me too. This is not new, we been telling y'all for centuries now. Whether or not you've been listening, whether or not you actually want to change it, that's on you. But if you somehow "didn't know" that sexual harassment is a widespread issue, I'd challenge you to check yourself, your privilege, and honestly maybe your basic comprehension skills. *shrugs*