I found this list on racking up all the things a black person in America can get killed for doing. I stopped at 19 because I'm tired, but you can visit the site if you want the rest. They also generously provide links to articles about each incident, for all of you who want "proof". Have at it:

  1. Having a broken tail light.
  2. Selling CD’s outside a supermarket.
  3. Selling cigarettes outside a corner store
  4. Wearing a hoodie.
  5. Failing to signal a lane change
  6. Attending a Bible study class.
  7. Calling for help after a car accident.
  8. Walking away from police.
  9. Walking towards police.
  10. Reaching for your ID after a policeman has asked you to present your ID.
  11. Listening to music at a gas station.
  12. Missing a front license plate.
  13. Riding a commuter train on New Year’s Eve.
  14. Holding your wallet.
  15. Walking home with a friend.
  16. Running to the bathroom in your apartment.
  17. Making eye contact.
  18. Attending a Birthday Party.
  19. Laughing