Cinco de Mayooooo!

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo, I thought it would be a good time to share a short, yet somehow always necessary, reminder to not be a dickhole and avoid participating in cultural appropriation this year. For those of you who may be lost, that means if you are not Mexican, please for the love of all that is decent, do not don a sombrero, fake mustache, Mariachi uniform (unless you are in an ACTUAL Mariachi band), paint yourself “tan”, use the phrase “Cinco de Drinko” or any other bastardization of the Spanish language, dress up as a piñata, dress up “as a Mexican”, say anything Speedy Gonzalez would say, or any other dumbass shit that we’ve all done before but hopefully have grown past. And I’m not just talking to white people—no one has any reason to wear someone else’s culture as a costume. Just because you yourself may be marginalized does not mean you get to participate in the marginalization of someone else. This isn’t “Be A Mexican For A Day!” Of course there’s nothing wrong with having a taco or drinking a margarita tonight, have as many tacos and margaritas as your little heart desires! Just don’t be an asshole while you do it :) Make sense? And if you’re still a little fuzzy on the boundaries (no shame), you can literally Google “Cinco de Mayo cultural appropriation” and you’ll get a whole plethora of ideas for how to participate in the holiday in a way that’s helpful, not harmful.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Have fun out there!