I Spent All of My Money

So I did this thing last weekend where I pretended I was rich and bought everything in sight, turning a blind eye to all recourse or consequence. The next 10 days are gonna be a lot of me cooking dinners at home, oops! But look at this beautiful lipstick I ordered from ColourPop Cosmetics! It's called "Pitch", from their Lippie Stix collection. I also bought a liquid-to-matte from them in "Limbo", which you guys can check out on my Instagram. I was nervous (well, obviously not that nervous because I bought two LOL) because they're not carried in stores so there was no where to go to try them on. Before ordering, I suggest looking up countless videos of women trying on different colors - that's what I did. And don't forget to find someone who's closer to your skin tone! White girls, this will NOT look the same on your face - please do not come back confused, wondering why Pitch makes you look like you still listen to My Chemical Romance lol. But honestly, even if you fuck up, each color is like 5-6 bucks (I know right?!) so you'll probably be fine. Okay go! Go! Buy! Buy!

Lipstick: ColourPop Cosmetics | Scarf: Ambiance | Ring: Mimi & Red | Headband: Target ;)