Look At All the Shiny Things

With everything that’s been going on in South Carolina, I feel like my blog has been one of the last things on my mind, sorry not sorry. I’m not gonna talk about any of my thoughts on it in here because A) You’ve probably already seen it all over facebook and B) I’m just flat out exhausted, so let’s talk about literally anything else! :D

Last week I and my friend Rachel—who is slowly becoming solely responsible for all beauty and creative inspiration in my life—went shopping for apartment goodies! We hit a bunch of thrift stores and then mainstreamed it to Target and Ikea—but like, only #ironically, obvi. I got a bunch of cool stuff including, but not limited to: a 2 dollar wine rack with only 3 holes because the odds of me ever having more than 3 unopened bottles of wine in my house at one time are slim at best. Heck, you’d be hard pressed to find even one unopened bottle of wine in my house. Either there’re no bottles, because I just finished one, or there’s one bottle and I’m already 3 glasses deep OOPS. I also picked up this awesome gold bust of who I think is supposed to be Thomas Jefferson? It’s a tough call, I feel like whoever made it was like “yeah this vaguely looks like an American President right? Just pick one.”  **kanye shrug** Works for me! Next fave was this antique lamp that I’m hoping to fill with one of those super hip filament light bulbs and stick on a nightstand which I have yet to buy. Pro Tip: Decorating always works best if you plan it around furniture you don’t yet own. You're welcome. Speaking of, if any of you are walking through life and happen to come upon an antique-y, perhaps French looking nightstand, holler at a player! I’m trynna get this shit together so I can finally throw my housewarminggggg!! :D

Lamp, Bust, and Wine Rack all from Alliance for African Assistance on El Cajon Blvd.