Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Lol remember that time I said I was going to get better about posting more often? Turns out I lied, my bad. BUT HEY! I’m posting now, and this moment is all we have, and blah blah blah. So fucking cherish it okay?

Great, so this weekend, some of my friends from college were in town visiting and I got to go see them and hang out and grab drinks! It was super fun, perhaps got a little belligerent towards the end, but that’s neither here nor there. What is pictured here is my homegirl Kelsey, straight killing the ring game. I mean, killing the whole accessory game, if we’re being honest. I awkwardly asked if I could take her picture because I was obsessed with her hand-trinkets. I feel like this is a look I’ve always wanted to nail— layering a bunch of shit on my hands so it kind of looks like I could cast a spell or something, but I never know how to put it all together. Midi rings, thumb rings, hand chains, finger tats?! So much involved. But then it’s like, not really that much involved at all. Like Kelsey said, “You just kind of go for it.” I may or may not have made that up, but I feel like she said that. And it makes me feel like “yeah… you know what, I can totally do this! I definitely know how to layer rings and look cool.” And then I get to the accessories section of Forever 21 and I’m just like "WHAT DO I DO?!" Haha it’s a mess, but I’m gonna keep trying. Maybe one day it’ll be my own hands in the photo, you never know. #daretodream

Jewelry: Mostly Child of Wild or JNB