Here We Go

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Hi guys! My name’s Femi and this is my blog :). Let me just start by saying that I’m 95% sure I have no idea what I’m doing. I just want you to know where I’m at. Technically this is going to be like a fashion-y/inspiration blog but I can’t make any promises about what that will practically look like. There might be some fabrics, there might be some sketches… I’ll post pictures of clothes too, obvi, but I think a lot of it will also just be like, shit I think is neat. Also, disclaimer: I curse like a goddamn sailor, so if that’s going to be a problem for you, it’s been real, and I’m almost sorry. Okay now back to this blog and whatever it’s supposed to be…  Actually, you know what? I just remembered I’ve heard people use the term “visual journal” before to describe their blog, and I feel like that’s as accurate a description as any I could come up with, so ya, let’s go with it. Welcome to my Visual Journal y’all! Hope you like it!

Alright, first picture on deck haddddd to be of the beach. I was born and raised in Southern California—San Diego, specifically— and I am every bit as pretentious and obnoxious about it as you would imagine. Sure, maybe you can’t get a glass of water at a restaurant here anymore, but look at how pretty she is! This particular picture is of Windansea in La Jolla. You guys, I can’t even begin to tell you the love I have for this place. I went to UCSD, but before that, to high school right up the street from here, and middle school right up the street from that. This is where I’ve gone to be and breathe for the last… 15 years ish?  And I feel like growing up/going to school here had the biggest influence on my aesthetic (I feel like such an asshole every time I use the word “aesthetic”); although admittedly, I’m still trying to figure out what that is. I’m all about loose silhouettes and breezy fabrics but then I also love stilettos and sequins. It’s a real tossup but definitely, fundamentally, the whole Southern California vibe shaped my artistic tastes. Or at least a big chunk of them, we’ll get to the rest later.