Hi everybody, welcome to my blog! What began as a solely fashion-inspired endeavor soon evolved as I came to realize that there was only so much I could say about an outfit and so much more I could say about relationships, racism, dating, growth, America, Christianity, emotional health, love, politics... you know, everything. So I decided to expand and do that instead. 

I also wanted to create a place where I can expressly share from the experience of and provide representation for black womanhood. Though I hope by this point we all get that I cannot speak for all black women, I also hope that my blog — both this site and my Instagram — will be a place where women of color can arrive and see themselves reflected in ways that we often don't get to see. I want to show that we can be soft, feminine, fragile, quirky, cool, scared, unsure, bold, and everything else that runs the gamut of human existence.

Ultimately, my intention is to build a space that is an extension of myself — to share things that inspire, interest, and challenge me. And my hope is that you would come here and also feel inspired, interested, and maybe sometimes challenged — not all the time though, I get that sometimes we just want to look at a nice picture of a scarf (don't worry, I made sections for that!) But I certainly want to be able to share honestly with you, whatever that may entail. 

If you're ready to dive right in, check out my latest post!

For more about the inspiration for my blog, holler at my Welcome to femiio video!

Hope you guys enjoy! :)